Complete 3x3 x 7'2" tall Grow Tent

  • 3x3 Complete grow kit
  • 3x3 Grow kit
  • 3x3 grow kit
  • inside corners grow kit
  • Complete 3x3 x 7'2" tall Grow Tent
  • Complete 3x3 x 7'2" tall Grow Tent
  • Complete 3x3 x 7'2" tall Grow Tent
  • Complete 3x3 x 7'2" tall Grow Tent
$ 675.00

A quick and easy grow room in a box! Hydrofarm has made it easy to start an enclosed indoor garden by gathering several vital components into one package. The LHTENT33KS kit combines our Lighthouse 3' x 3' x 7'2'' tall grow tent with the Sunburst 315W Ceramic Metal Halide grow light, two Active Air 6'' inline booster fans for intake and exhaust, an Autopilot Analog Timer, and Heavy Duty Light Risers for safe and secure hanging of the Sunburst CMh grow light. This kit makes a grow environment that is equally effective for all approaches— hydroponics, soil, and soilless gardens. Kit includes the following:

1- Lighthouse 3' x 3' x 7'2'' tall grow tent: The Lighthouse Controlled Environment has been redesigned to help you grow your favorite plants indoors. We have improved the zippers, fabrics, ease of assembly, and size options. Our new lighter weight fabric offers better reflectivity and a tighter seal. Zippers are just as strong as ever, with smoother action and reinforced zipper-pulls. These tents are taller (7′2"), and offer multiple ventilation options with bigger, adjustable duct ports (now up to 10"). NOTE: Tent sizes given are outside dimensions, so recommended flood tray sizes are 2′ x 2′ trays for the 3′ x 3′ tent.

1- Sunburst 315W Ceramic Metal Halide grow light:The Sunburst CMh system combines two of our most popular products—the Sunburst and Phantom CMh—into a single unit that brings the benefits of ceramic metal halide lighting to all applications, small and large, in the Sunburst’s compact, all-in-one format.
  The Sunburst CMh has a built-in digital ballast designed specifically to run the 315W ceramic metal halide lamp, which in this system operates in the horizontal position. The reflector’s interior is 95% European hammertone aluminum and offers excellent uniformity and diffusion.

2- Active Air 6'' Inline Booster Fan ACFB6: 6" Active Air Inline Booster Fans Active Air fans are quiet running, made with UL-recognized components, and include an 8', 120V power cord. 

1- Autopilot Timer TM01015: Using an analog timer to automate your lighting adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light. Timers are also essential for many hydroponic system applications.

1- Heavy Duty Light Riser, LULIFT: The Light Riser Hanging System makes hanging reflectors, filters or other equipment a snap. Simply secure one of the quick release carabiner clips to a firm location, attach the other clip to the object you want to hang, and then pull the cord until the desired height is reached. It's as simple as that. Hold up to 150 pounds! (75 pounds per ratchet)