Triple 12+ Liquid Fertilizer, 2.5 Gal. With 42% Slow Release Nitrogen and Salicylic Acid

$ 119.00

  This concentrated; water-clear 12-12-12 solution contains slow release nitrogen from Nitro-30 Methylene Urea. Methylene Urea is not easily broken down and provides a consistent, reliable source of nitrogen to keep the feeding cycle steady. The nitrogen is only released by a combination of factors (heat, humidity, and microbial activity). The combination in Triple 12 provides a continuous, steady source of nitrogen that will eliminate dips in the feeding cycle. Both the phosphorus and potassium are readily available for immediate plant utilization. Triple 12 is compatible with fungicides, herbicides and insecticides.

  Triple 12 + key ingredient is salicylic acid (SA), the active ingredient in aspirin. A natural plant hormone (phytohormone), SA is produced in small quantities by all plants, and is present in high concentrations in willow trees.  (The name salicylic acid is derived from the botanical name of the willow family Salix.) The beneficial aspects of salicylic acid on plant growth have been known for centuries. Recent university and turf industry research has proven why and how it works. 

  In essence, when any plant is exposed to a stress such as extreme heat or cold or to a disease pathogen, the plant primes its natural defense system by producing salicylic acid.  This boosting of a plant's immune system is known as ISR or Induced Systemic Resistance. 

Triple 12+ is ideal for soil drench and foliar spray applications.

Foliar Rate: 1 ounce per 1,000 sq ft every 7 – 14 days

Soil Drench / Hand Watering: ¾ ounce per gallon of water every 14 days

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