TKO Maxx Systemic Fungicide 2.5 Gallons Wallace Organic Wonder

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TKO is the CLEAR SOLUTION for quickly and safely giving plants the phosphorus they need.

TKO Systemic Fungicide,  is a clear liquid solution that is good for your plants and good for the environment. Unlike other forms of phosphorus, phosphite is highly water soluble and can be quickly absorbed through a plant's leaves, branches, and roots. Once inside a plant, it is extremely mobile and works to rapidly correct deficiencies, enhance plant and root development, and improve crop resistance to disease. An environmentally-friendly product, it prevents excessive build-up of soil phosphorus and prevents problems with ground-water contamination.

TKO Phosphite can be used on crops such as citrus, avocados, strawberries, vegetables and all deciduous and non-deciduous fruits. It can be used as a foliar spray, as a soil application, or through irrigation water. Applied at critical growth stages in a plant's life cycle, it ensures superior root formation, seedling growth, bud formation, blossom and fruit set. It improves both yield and quality of crops, and boosts a plant's resistance to stress and disease.

Maximize Nutrient Efficiency

In plant nutrition, phosphorus is second in importance only to nitrogen, playing a key role in photosynthesis, respiration, energy storage, enzyme and protein formation, and root development. Growers can maximize a plant's uptake of this important nutrient by using liquid TKO, which is uniquely able to move in both the xylem and phloem of a plant. TKO also provides a quickly absorbable form of potassium, another critical macronutrient for all crops.

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