12-31-14 + Bloom & Flower Plant Food Plant Marvel

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Plant Marvel is the "gold standard" in the water soluble fertilizer industry with  complete essential nutrient content. Bloom & Flower Plant Food 12-31- 14 PLUS is used as an all purpose feed especially useful to promote vigorous development of roots in seedlings and cuttings, for reducing shock to transplants and for finishing off blooming crops. To insure successful initiation of embryonic flower bud development 12-31-14 should be used exclusively during the early stages of growth of all crops. Sown seed can be watered in with this formula as well as cuttings when stuck. 12-31-14 can also be used as the watering in solution for any plant being shifted or transplanted. This formula also induces prolific blooms with flowers of deeper color and longer life as cut flowers. 

  • Solubility - 100% true solution
  • Complete essential nutrient content
  • Suitable for foliar as well as root feeding
  • Results within a few days
  • Low salt index
  • Compatibility with other applied chemicals
  • Designed for use in proportioners, injectors, power sprayers and drip irrigation systems
  • Fast, safe, controlled absorption

Active Ingredient: Derived from Ammonium Phosphate, Ammonium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfur, Borax, Sodium Molybdate and the EDTA form of Copper, Iron, Manganese and Zinc.

Use Sites:

  • All purpose feed for crops
  • Develops larger blooms and more of them.
  • Stiffens Stems and Roots
  • finishing off blooming crops
  • great for feeding transplants


Outdoor Plants - Mix one teaspoon per gallon of water, every 7-10 days.  Apply liberally to base of plants, soaking the root area.  For potted plants and hanging baskets apply enough to create drainage through the pot.  May be applied in combination with most insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Avoid applications during peak sunlight hours.  Increase the amount of water used to dilute fertilizer when soil moisture is low.

HOSE END SPRAYER: 1:15 ratio-Premix 1.67 OZ in 1 GAL (12.5 grams per liter).
TANK: 0.11 OZ per GAL (0.83 grams per liter).
PROPORTIONER: 1:100 ratio use 11.11 OZ per GAL of concentrate (167 grams per liter).
OTHER RATIOS: Multiply ratio times weight divided by 100.
OTHER PPM: Multiply desired PPM times weight divided by 100. Increase or decrease PPMN according to response.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • CAUTION: This fertilizer is to be used on soils which responds to molybdenum. Crops high in molybdenum are toxic to grazing animals. Potential acidity equivalent to 697 LBS Calcium Carbonate per ton.
  • Maximum solubility approx. 60 OZ per GAL

See Label for complete restrictions.

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