"My whole greenhouse looked great this year and I grew a world record tomato at 8.41 lbs!"

I put your Super Starter Paks under a handful of plants in my greenhouse, where I had tomatoes, peppers, carrots, pumpkins, watermelon, and a couple flowers growing. I just threw them in the planting hole and planted on top of them. My whole greenhouse looked great this year and I grew a world record tomato at 8.41 lbs! I also used WOW Wonder Brew on all my plants including the tomato plant that grew my world record 8.41 lb tomato.
The tea was really easy to use. I just added the bag to a 2-gallon watering can, added the activator and just stirred it a few times over an hour. My plants stayed nice and healthy all season long!

Dan MacCoy - Ely, Minnesota


170.8 Lb Watermelon!

1st Place - Tennessee Valley Fair

We were excited to try your WOW products this year. We used them on our giant tomato, and watermelon plants. And here are the results:

Cheyenne grew five giant watermelon plants. Two plants received the Super Starter Paks buried about six inches out from the stump. The melons with the tea bags grew consistently larger and ended up growing a 170.8 pound melon, good for 1st place at the Tennessee Valley Fair and a 169.7 pound melon, good for 6th at the Allardt GPC weigh off.

We also applied two Super Starter Paks to three of our Big Zac Tomato plants. The three plants grew 14 tomatoes over three pounds with the largest being 3.84 pounds. The plants without the tea bags produced no tomatoes over 2.5 pounds.

All of our plants got a weekly foliar feed with the Wonder Brew, it did seem to eliminate powdery mildew on the pumpkin leaves.

I have attached several photos of Cheyenne and her vegetables.


John and Cheyenne Hooper - Madisonville, TN


Super Starter Paks


I am very happy with the product and would gladly use it again and again.

Both of these tomato plants were started from seed by myself. They grew in the 6 pack for way too long. I was about to toss them when I received the WOW. I found a spot and treated on with your program and one just let it be. The treated one produced ripe tomato first and the plant stayed disease free. Here in Kentucky the disease pressure is high. And living on the Cumberland River, fog comes a lot and with it come every disease that floats in the air. As you can see from the picture, the treated plant looked wonderful.

I am very happy with the product and would gladly use it again and again.

Thanks WOW!

Stevann Fraley



I was able to grow a 4.39 pound tomato and win my first neighborhood competition!

With the help of WOW Super Starter Paks and Wonder Brew, I was able to grow a 4.39 pound tomato and win my first neighborhood competition! I couldn't believe the results and will definitely be using these products in the future. Thanks WOW! –


Dave Conner, - West Warwick RI


2014 grower of the 1,421.5 pound, third largest green squash ever grown, thanks to Wallace Organic Wonder!

I would like to thank you for letting me try your new WOW Super Starter Paks and Wonder Brew. Let me tell you how thrilled I was with the results of both products and how easy they were to use! I just put a few Super Starter Paks under each vegetable plant and watered each week with the Wonder Brew. The plant's foliage was always a nice shiny, healthy green color and I think it made for a more disease free garden.
As a competitive giant vegetable grower, I strongly recommend using the Wonder Brew weekly on your plants and you will see a noticeable benefit in just a few sprays!
I was very pleased with my results and plan to use them both next season.

Joe Jutras- Rhode Island




WOW is certainly the right name for this fertilizer, as I have never had so many Vegetables. My plants looked like trees.

Jack - Johnston, RI 


"Wallace Organic Wonder" produced 3 times the edible fruit!!!

I just wanted to update you on the success I had from your WOW products. Here are the 4 cucumber plants that I did the trial on. They were all in the same area with the same amount of sun. You can see the plants without “WOW " looked tiny compared to the plants that were treated. One came up and even died. I saw the real difference was in the yield!!  I'm not joking when I say the plants treated with " Wallace Organic Wonder " produced 3 times the edible fruit!!!  My wife even noticed and asked why those cucumbers kept on producing while the other began to stop?

By far one of the best products I have ever used and I've used a ton of products being a giant pumpkin grower. Two or three Super Starter Paks under each planting site and a Wonder Brew drench once every few weeks is all I did!

Thanks again and I'm looking forward to using your product on all my edible veggies next year!

Chris Dunn - California


Great start to plants! 

  Using WOW Seaweed on left. 


  Tanner Conway- Minnesota













Thank you Ron Wallace and WOW products!


This year I used several WOW products including Pumpkin Pro, and Wow humic acid and seaweed. While weather wasn't favorable here in East Tennessee I grew a personal best 209.5 watermelon! Included is a picture of my 2 year old daughter Remy Jo.


Jeremy Terry- Tennessee





 Dave Davis grows his biggest pumpkin ever!

 He wins the Iowa State Fair at 1,235 pounds, with the help of WOW Pumpkin Pro!                                   




I had the best season ever!

Set personal bests in pumpkins, squash, and long gourds.  The squash on left was 1533.5 lbs and finished first in the world.  Also had a 1202 squash that finished 3rd.  The pumpkin in the center was Canadian Champ this year and weighed 1733.5 lbs. The pumpkin on the right was the club seed from the 1870 Lieber, ended up at 1549.8 lbs. I crossed it to your 2009. The long gourd was 141.31 inches and finished third in the world. 'm sure there were many factors in my good fortune this year, but using your products played a big part. I really loved using your Wonder Brew Tea, foliar fed all season with it. A great product for sure. I have always been big on organics and having products like this now available will be a big boost for the pumpkin growing world.

Thanks again Ron, and I look forward to using your

products again next season.




 Wallace Organic Wonder are by far the best products I have ever used!

The Hosta on the right, I applied the Wow soil and plant booster once early spring and the results were very impressive as you can see by the photo. I'm using Wow products on all my plants and the results far exceed my expectations. I highly recommend trying Wow products on all your garden and house plants. The shipping is fast and professional! I had a question for customer support and I could not believe how fast I received a response

 Bob Singleton, Portsmouth, RI














All I can say is "WOW!"                                                        

 Indoor basil plant.


Brian Chatterley, North Kingstown, RI


















WOW Roots!


Here in Illinois this June we have received over 10 inches of rain in this record wettest June ever here. I have had to stay on my walking boards to avoid soil compaction but still had some areas where the boards and my foot traffic compacted the soil heavily. After things dried out a bit I pulled over one of these boards and literally said "WOW" with the roots I saw. Not only strong health roots were at soil level but also strong white big ass fuzzy roots present in a hole from a previous silt fence post. For these roots to be so healthy over 15 feet away from the stump on July 1st in the wettest most compacted soil condition in my patch speaks volumes for Ron Wallace's Pumpkin Pro and Root Health product.

Jeff Shenoha, Joliet, Illinois





"WOW Pumpkin Pro saved my year!" 

193 pounds in 64 days! Thanks Ron Wallace!


















"Best Products I Have Ever Used"

I fertilized my 150 tomatoes in my high tunnel in Alaska July 1 and August 1 after starting the plants with WOW Starter Paks. I raise tomatoes to sell at farmers markets so the ferts have to be good. These two products are the best I have ever used, period. I wish I could buy this stuff in bulk to use on all my vegetables and berries.

Patrick White, Alaska 





Incredible stuff !

Since I started using these products my vegetable harvest has been incredible. My tomato plants were 7' feet high with more fruit than I could use! Can't wait for Spring to begin again to start it all over! My first purchase will be from the Wow site!

Jack Haughey




"Best on the market!"

Without a doubt this is the best on the market as far as I am concerned. What I really like about this product is the fact that the plants still keep growing very good in cooler weather. I spray everything with it, Pumpkins, Squash, and all my gardens including raspberry's, strawberry's and all perennials.

 Eddy Zaychkowsky






Thank you Wallace Organic Wonder 6.83 Pound Pennsylvania State record tomato!

Hi Ron, We used your WOW Pumpkin Pro Mycorrhizal Inoculant,and Xtreme Gardenings Azos to help grow our new Pennsylvania  state record tomato!

 Paul & Cheryl Fulk- Pennsylvania














 "Produce in the Middle of Winter!"

 I planted a pineapple top over a year ago, but it only stayed green and never grew. I was taking the plant out to the compost bin when I noticed it did have some roots. I re-potted the plant and put two WOW Super Starter Paks in and within weeks it start sending new growth up from the plant. The plant looks very healthy, I would have never thought I could have grown a pineapple plant in Wisconsin. I also grew a cherry tomato plant from seed and transplanted to bigger pot using the WOW starter paks. There is already a dozen tomatoes on the plant with about 30 more flowers. I never thought it would actually produce fruit. All organic tomatoes from my window in the middle of winter! A lot better than buying tasteless chemically treated tomatoes from the supermarket.

Mike Schmit, Wisconsin




"WOW did Wonders"

 WOW Soil and Plant Booster did wonders on my Geranium plant! I couldn't believe the difference, it greened up and has been flowering all winter. Can't wait to use it in my garden this summer.

Mike Schmit, Wisconsin

" My Best Looking Crop Ever"

This years pepper crop looks just fantastic ,got so many peppers on my plants this year , I made lots of new friends at work just craving to try em?, thanks to ur fine products this is by far my best looking crop ever, and I've been growing veggies for approx 45 years thanks a bunch. The picture is a sweet Italian red pepper

I also used your WOW starter paks when I planted these tomato plants, they are approx 5-7 feet tall and loaded with blossoms and have many I mean many tomatoes already set and starting to turn color , thanks again for your fine products , enjoy the colors of summer.

Thomas Montsma

"WOW is an Understatement"

"To the people at wallacewow-- WOW is an understatement...most of the giant pumpkin world knows you have the right stuff to help the pumpkins grow big but who knew it works on everything else...everything in our garden was giant this year...the WOW starter packs are just that...wow...we used them in some flower pots and they are going strong right into late October here in the northeast..I'll be looking into the rest of the product line this winter...highly,highly recommend..."
~Steve Marley

United States Record Sunflower!

My new United States Record tall sunflower at 23' 1" tall and how I did it. I have been growing tall sunflower for about 20 years and have had some success in the past, but nothing like this one. The record was 23' set in 1996 by Fred Meurmann from Wisconsin.
Sunflowers just love pumpkin pro mycorrhizal, and warm days. I was putting some in the ground around the root area every 7 days on this one. My roots were massive and the tap root was 7" long. The best I have ever got in the past is a 5" tap root. My other sunflowers didn't get the pumpkin pro and the best of them was 20' tall. So, I will do them all that way next year.
Like all growers we all want to grow something that is bigger or taller and pumpkin pro mycorrhizal for me is the only way to grow.

Just a little tip for next year, I am going to put my seeds over wow super starter packs.

Marvin Mitchell

WOW Mycorrhizal Inoculant!

All I can say is WOW. 2016 was my first attempt to grow giant tomatoes. I used the WOW pumpkin pro and seaweed products on my tomatoes. I could not believe how large they got. Many of them weighed over 4 pounds with the largest one weighing 7.19 pounds. 

~Jack LaRue, Tenino WA


Control Vs WOW

 Testing on Ruby Red Sweet Corn grown in South Dakota using WOW Super Starter Paks. On Left Control, on right with WOW Super Starter Paks

Best tomatoes in 60 years of gardening!

 I have never had such a great crop of tomatoes and I attribute the good results to using your WOW mycorrhizal inoculant. In growing at least 6 varieties, including this giant that weighed in at 4.56 pounds, the bountiful production is my best in over 60 years of garden growing.
I have a few pictures of a root system that was dug from one other tomato plant and will send as well.

~Joe Giusto

Great Find!

I have been growing Roses for 40+ yrs. You name an insecticide, I have tasted it!
I grew 1200 Roses, and now I am down to 200 Hybrid Tea Roses.
I tried Brew in a 44 Gallon Brute Container with an Air stone. I brewed for 24hrs. I fed all my plants with a watering can dipped in. I fed weekly. around each plant.
I clearly noticed the soil became looser. The Canes Became Longer, the overall robustness and Vigor of the plants improved. The plants were really activated! The foliage was deep green.
I won Queen of Show, First, at the Long Island Show, and Third all with using Brew.
Happy to have Roses Driven by Brew. As I write this, I have 5 "Hot Princess" Roses driven by Brew, in my Florist Refrigerator. Best I have ever seen, 20 inch Stems, gorgeous beyond Belief.



~Robert Sabin


Personal Best!

Used WOW mycorrhizae again this year.  It, along with some other changes helped me reach a new personal best again this year.  Since using your products, I've gone from 892 to 1148 to 1501.5. I finished third at the PGPGA weighoff behind Quinn Werner and Dave Stelts. Thanks for your products, and always readily answering questions to help other growers!

~Dan Wagner 


I like to use WOW products because they work to maximize my weights. I also appreciate that the company supports competitive vegetable growing clubs and the governing body of our hobby through sponsorships and special deals. This year I grew my first 2000-pound pumpkin that I weighed at Half Moon Bay with the help of Azos, Pumpkin Pro Inoculant, Soluble Seaweed Powder, and Soluble Humic/Fulvic Acid. WOW products are always shipped fast and are fresh. I'll continue to use the same products next year to meet my goal of 2100+ pounds!

~Cindy Tobeck