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Gibberellic Acid 10 Gram Kit. Comes with 10 grams of 90% GA3, detailed instructions and a special measuring spoon so you don't have to use a milligram scale. This product is for research purposes only.

About Gibberellic Acid

First discovered in Japan in the first half of the twentieth century, Gibberellic Acid is a naturally occurring plant hormone that can be used to regulate growth, trigger seed germination and protect against frost. Gibberellic Acid typically comes in a water-soluble powder form with a concentration of 90%, although other concentrations are available.

Why use Gibberellic Acid?

There are a number of reasons why hobbyists and professionals may wish to incorporate Gibberellic Acid into their agricultural efforts.

Firstly, Gibberellic Acid is very effective in overcoming dormancy and can lead to germination in a very short amount of time. In the same vein, the product can also induce premature flowering on sufficiently developed plants.

Like most of our products, Gibberellic Acid can contribute towards an increased crop yield, particularly with fruits. And it can produce seedless fruits or near-seedless fruits. It can also increase the rate of growth of some plants when applied near the terminal bud.

Finally, Gibberellic Acid can be used to ward off the negative effects of frost if applied when a plant is in full bloom.

Directions for use

90% Gibberellic Acid needs to be mixed with small amounts of alcohol, as it will not dissolve in water alone. Only use a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to wet the powder before diluting thoroughly with water. Use mixture within a week and do not refrigerate.

Gibberellic Acid Directions 

Effects of Gibberellic Acid

  1. Overcoming dormancy. Treatment with high concentrations of GA is effective in overcoming dormancy and causing rapid germination of seed. Concentrations of about 2 ppm can cause tubers to sprout earlier.
  2. Premature flowering. If a plant is sufficiently developed, premature flowering may be induced by direct application of GA to young plants. This action is not sustained and treatment may have to be repeated. Formation of male flowers is generally promoted by concentrations of 10 to 200 ppm., female flowers by concentrations of 200 to 300 ppm. Concentrations of more than 600 ppm markedly suppresses initiation of both male and female flowers.
  3. Increased fruit set. When there is difficulty with fruit set because of incomplete pollination, GA may be effectively used to increase fruit set. The resulting fruit maybe partially or entirely seedless. GA has increased the total yield in greenhouse tomato crops both as a result of increased fruit set and more rapid growth of the fruit.
  4. Hybridizing. Pollination within self-incompatible clones and between closely related species may some times be forced by the application of GA and cytokinin to the blooms at the time of hand pollination.
  5. Increased growth. GA applied near the terminal bud of trees may increase the rate of growth by stimulating more or less constant growth during the season. In a Department of Agriculture experiment, the GA was applied as a 1% paste in a band around the terminal bud of trees. Treatment was repeated three times during the summer. Walnut tee growth was 8.5 ft. for treated trees, 1.5 ft. for untreated trees.
  6. Frost protection. Spraying fruit trees at full-blossom or when the blossoms begin to wither can offset the detrimental effects of frost.
  7. Root formation. GA inhibits the formation of roots in cuttings.
  • Product Name :  Ga3 Gibberellic Acid – Plant Hormone – Gibberellins Pgr Hormones
  • Storage Temperature: 2 to 6° C
  • CAS No: [77-06-5]
  • Structure Formula: C19H2206
  • Molecular Weight: 346.41
  • Soluble alcohol
  • Purity: Min. Guaranteed 90%
  • Melting point: 233-235°C
  • Color: Pure white to pale yellow

Benefits of Ga3 Gibberellic Acid | Plant Hormone | Gibberellins Pgr Hormones:

  • Can change male/female ratio of flowers.
  • Gibberellic acid can induce monogenetic reproduction.
  • Can stimulate fruit setting and growing.
  • Breaking dormancy of seeds.
  • Break winter dormancy of plants
  • Extend growing season
  • Can accelerate seed germination.
  • Gibberellic acid will help in promoting stem elongation.
  • Gibberellic acid can enlarge leaf surface.
  • Can help accumulation of metabolites in phloem.
  • Activate cambium.
  • Inhibit prematuration.
  • Gibberellic acid can retard aging.

 Ga3 Gibberellic Acid – Plant Hormone – Gibberellins is a tetracyclic diterpene acid promoting growth and elongation of cells. It affects decomposition of plants and helps plants grow if used in small amounts, but eventually plants develop tolerance to it. Ga3 Gibberellic Acid Plant Hormone Gibberellins stimulates the cells of germinating seeds to produce mRNA, molecules that code for hydrolytic enzymes.


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