Jump Start Soil Heating Cable, 24' Wallace Organic Wonder

$ 39.95

Multi Pack

This 24' heating cable is designed to conform to your soil warming needs. Designed to warm up to 3 square feet and for use above and below soil. Improves germination and plant growth in cold climates. Bury this looped heating cable 4" - 6" below the soil surface and it will continuously provide gentle heat to speed up germination and seedling growth. This product works best in an enclosed, insulated, and covered planting box but can be used in many heating applications.

 A built-in thermostat automatically turns the cable on when the temperature starts to drop. The cable runs on standard 120V electrical sources and is designed to be water resistant for use in moist growing situations. 

• Gently warms soil for faster germination and better growth
• Built-in thermostat
• Flexible cable fits any growing area


• Water resistant construction
• 32W/120V/0.27A
• Built-in thermostat designed to maintain 77°F-85°F
• Instructions included


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