470.50 Connolly 2020 World Record Bushel Gourd

$ 35.00


Steve Connolly set a new Guinness World Record for Bushel Gourd in 2020 at 470.50 pounds!  Genetics are 320 Connolly x 320 Connolly It was set at 19ft out on a secondary vine. Each packet contains 4- seeds. Perfect for making crafts. Impress your neighbors by growing a giant gourd. Excellent choice for home gardens. Seeds will ship directly from Steve Connolly.  

We also have Steve's World Record Bushel Gourd DVD!  Now you can buy his WR seeds plus the DVD. Just click the drop down arrow.

You may have seen the written accounts of how a 470.5
Guinness World Record Bushel Gourd was grown in 2020.
But there is so much more information to share. We have
now captured (in a 1 hour DVD), a far more detailed record of
events leading up to and including the 470.5 World Record

Steve has carefully documented all the growing techniques
used for this record breaking event, in this DVD, with over 100
photos, video clips, PowerPoints, numerous reports, and
narrations of EVERYTHING that was done.

Bushel Gourd Germination:
To speed germination, soak the seeds overnight. Plant the seedlings outdoors in rich soil and full sun after the last spring frost.
For direct sowing, wait until the soil warms to 70 degrees F, then plant 5 seeds per hill, 1" deep, with 5' spacing; later, thin to the strongest plant.

Growing Bushel Gourd Seeds:
Keep the soil evenly moist. When the vines begin to develop, either provide a trellis or lay down mulch to keep the gourds from contact with the soil; too much soil contact can weaken the shell, distort the shape, and cause rotting.

Harvesting Bushel Gourd:
Late in the summer, the stem and leaves of the gourd will wither and turn brown; cut off the gourd, leaving about 2" of stem. Wash it with a solution of white vinegar water to deter mold. Place them in a warm, dry location on a screen so that every side of the gourd has good air circulation. If the gourd begins to rot and shrivel up, throw it away; surface mold is normal. Large gourds may take up to six months to dry - when completely dry, they will be extremely lightweight and the seeds will rattle inside.

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