Giant Pumpkin Seed 1257.50 Wallace 2018 Wallace Organic Wonder

  • 1257 pound giant pumpkin growing in patch
  • Grow your own giant pumpkin kit
  • Ron Wallace on the Kelly Show
  • Ron with World Champion Trophy
  • Giant pumpkins growing in patch
$ 19.95

This giant pumpkin seed came in third place at the 2018 Woodstock Fair.  The genetics of this seed are very exciting! The 2363 Holland 2017 North American Record x the 2145 McMullen. Highly regarded as the best seed of all-time!  Tremendous possibilities for this seed! 10% of all pumpkin seed sales will be donated to the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth. Now you can grow like a champion with WOW!

Pumpkin seeds will not tolerate cool, wet, soils. Please see our video and instructions for how to germinate seeds. Soil temps must be a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit for germination.

 Each packet contains 3 - giant pumpkin seeds.

1257.50 Genetics:  2363 Holland x 2145 McMullen

Planting Instructions

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