Giant Pumpkin Seed 2344.5 Wallace 2023 Wallace Organic Wonder

$ 89.95

Weighing in at 2344.5 pounds this giant pumpkin came in 10th place in the world in 2023!  Genetics are from the 2365 Wolf giant pumpkin seed that is regarded as maybe the best seed of all-time!   This giant pumpkin at peak growth was gaining just over 60 pounds per day! 

 The genetics of this seed are incredible, the Wolf seed sells for over $800 per seed on average and it is close to out of stock. Crossed with the great genetics of the 1707 Caspers, this is the must have seed for future generations.  

 Each packet contains 1 - giant pumpkin seeds.

2344.5 Genetics:  2365 Wolf x 1907 Caspers

Planting Instructions

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