15-5-30+K K-Mag Plant Marvel

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Plant Marvel is the "gold standard" in the water soluble fertilizer industry with  complete essential nutrient content. This high-potash formula is ideal for overcoming potash deficiency and producing larger fruit size, flower count, and extending post-production shelf-life of the fruit. The high nitrate nitrogen content makes for the perfect companion to the elevated potash, ensuring the utilization of all the nutrients in the analysis.   This high potash formula is ideal for building up hardiness and fibrous qualities of stems and leaves

  • High Nitrate Nitrogen.
  • Promotes Stiff Stems and Sturdy Leaf Growth.
  • Complete essential nutrient content with micronutrients!
  • Provides Magnesium.
  • High-potash formula
  • Low salt index
  • Compatibility with other applied chemicals


May be applied in solution by a proportioner through sprinkler systems, by irrigation or any conventional ground rig and may be applied in combination with most insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Avoid applications during peak sunlight hours.

TURF: Increase the amount of water used to dilute the fertilizer when soil moisture is low. Increase concentrations when soil moisture is high. Use caution when concentration is 1 LBS or more per 5 GAL of water. Apply every week to ten days at the rate of 1 LBS (1/8 LB of actual N) per 1000 SQ FT of area, dissolved in approximately 10 to 20 GAL of water.

HOSE END SPRAYER: 1:15 ratio- Premix 1.33 OZ in 1 GAL (10 grams per liter).
TANK: 0.09 OZ per GAL (0.67 grams per liter).
PROPORTIONER: 1:100 ratio use 8.89 OZ per GAL of concentrate (67 grams per liter).
OTHER RATIOS: Multiply ratio times weight divided by 100.
OTHER PPM: Multiply desired PPM times weight divided by 100. Increase or decrease PPMN according to crop response.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • Maximum solubility approx. 60 OZ per GAL

See Label for complete restrictions.

15-5-30 + K-Mag Tech Sheet

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