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Premium organic plant food WOW Soil And Plant Booster:  WOW’s Soil And Plant Booster’s main ingredient for dynamic growth is a fungus called Mycorrhizae, with the addition of an all-natural organic fertilizer.  Mycorrhizal fungi colonize plant roots, resulting in increased nutrient and water absorption producing larger roots and vigorous plants that produce earlier more abundant herbs and vegetables and brilliant flowers. Super Concentrated organic fertilizer.  Grow Like a Champion with WOW! 

Bigger Roots = Bigger Fruits!

Super Concentrated, Use Less Grow More!

Fertilizing With Soil And Plant Booster

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Key Benefits:

  • Will not burn plants ( when used as directed )
  • 100% Natural & Organic Fertilizer
  • Increased absorption of nutrients and water
  • Re-mineralizes depleted soils
  • Slow release - feeds plants and soil over time
  • Improves plant growth
  • Safe for people and pets
  • Contains Mycorrhizae
  • Improves soil ecology

How to use WOW Soil and Plant Booster

Add WOW Soil and Plant Booster every 4 weeks during the growing season.

**Always water plants after fertilizing**

Transplants and Established Garden Plants

Transplants:  Recommend using WOW Super Starter Paks.  Dig hole for planting twice as large as root ball.  Add 2 tablespoons of Booster.  Mix with surrounding soil, add plant, backfill with soil, tamp down and water.

Established Vegetable Plants:  4 weeks after planting add 5 tablespoons of WOW Soil and Plant Booster in a circle around the plant, keeping 4” from the stem.  Cultivate lightly into top few inches of soil being careful not to damage plants roots.

Established Flowers:  Lightly cultivate into soil – 2 tablespoons per plant.

Amending Soil for Vegetable and Flower Gardens: Broadcast 3 pounds per 50 sq. ft. and work into the top 4” to 6”of soil.

Container Gardening

New Plants: Recommend using WOW Super Starter PaksPrepare soil for new plantings by adding 1 cup of WOW Booster per cubic foot of soil. (3/4 tablespoon per quart).

Established Plants: Scratch in 2 teaspoons of WOW Booster per 4 inches of pot diameter.  Example – a standard 12” hanging basket or pot would require 6 teaspoons of Booster.

Bulbs: Mix 1 teaspoon of Booster under each bulb before planting.

WOW Soil and Plant Booster must make contact with the plant’s root system to provide the greatest benefit to plants. Always water after applying WOW Soil and Plant Booster.

WOW Tip: Purchase WOW Wonder Brew organic compost tea for your watering can and apply every 7-10 days for season-long sustainable fertilizing!

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