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  • Wallace's Whoppers Giant Pumpkin Seeds
  • Wallace's Whoppers Giant Pumpkin Seeds
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  • 2,261.5 pound Wallace's Whoppers Pumpkin
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  • Wallace's Whoppers Giant Pumpkin Seeds
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 Giant Pumpkin Seeds Wallace's Whoppers

Want to grow your own giant pumpkin? Ron Wallace is one of the world’s premier giant pumpkin growers.

  • Two-time world record holder and three-time world pumpkin champion
  • First grower in the world to grow a pumpkin over 1500 pounds
  • First to eclipse the 2000 pound barrier in 2012 at 2009 pounds
  • Ron on Kelly & Michael

The present day record is over 2300 pounds!  Ron Wallace’s giant pumpkin seeds routinely sell on the Internet for hundreds of dollars for a single seed!  Here is your chance to grow giant pumpkins with “top of the line” Wallace genetics. Wallace Whoppers are fun to grow and you will be astounded at its amazing rate of growth.  Start your own neighborhood competition, or enter one of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth weigh-off’s! Now you can grow like a champion with WOW! 

500 pounds and up is the norm for this pumpkin

Packet contains 6 seeds.

Planting Instructions

  • Direct sow or start indoors 2 weeks prior to planting.
  • Choose a sunny location, and plant after all danger of frost has passed.
  • Sow 4 seeds per hill, 6” apart, placed 1” deep. Keep moist but not wet.
  • Seedlings will sprout in 10-14 days.
  • For best results allow only 1 pumpkin per vine.
  • 130 days till maturity

Ron on Kelly & Michael

Could giant pumpkins carry the secret to better crop yields ...

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