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Grow your own giant pumpkin with the Wallace Organic Wonder Grow Your Own Giant Pumpkin Kit. Contains everything you need to get started in the world of GIANT PUMPKIN growing!

Ron Wallace is one of the world’s premier giant pumpkin growers.

  • Two-time Guinness World Records holder and three-time world pumpkin champion
  • First grower in the world to grow a pumpkin over 1500 pounds
  • First to eclipse the 2000-pound barrier in 2012 at 2009 pounds

The present day record is over 2700 pounds! 

 This kit includes:

All you need to know planting instructions. 

 1 package (5 seeds) Wallace’s Whoppers giant pumpkin seeds

Wallace Whoppers are fun to grow and you will be astounded at the amazing rate of growth.  Impress your neighbors and friends or start your own neighborhood competition! If you want to compete for a record add one of the Wallace's Private Stock Seeds to your kit from the drop down menu. (Your kit will still include 5 Wallace's Whoppers giant pumpkin seeds). Pumpkin seeds will not tolerate cool, wet, soils. Please see our video and instructions for how to germinate seeds. Soil temps must be a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit for germination.

1 Book - “How to Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins”

This book is a must read for the beginner to intermediate grower! Every step along the way from seed starting, transplanting, plant care and fertilizing is covered in this color 192 page book. Don Langevin has done it again! How-To-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins The All-Organic Way is the latest in a four-part series dedicated to the pursuit of growing giant pumpkins. This book will once again level the playing field in extreme vegetable growing. The information is useful for all skill levels of giant vegetable gardening, and in true Langevin fashion, is in an easy-to-read format. Don teaches everyone the most in-depth practices of growing technique and soil science, from the state of the art mycorrhizal inoculants and biological controls, to the basics of composting and organic matter. This book is an instant classic that will propel even a novice gardener to world record heights. --Ron Wallace - 2006, 2012 and 2015 World Champion. 


1- 2.2 pound bag WOW Soil And Plant Booster

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WOW Soil and Plant Booster is an all purpose premium organic plant food.  WOW’s Soil and Plant Booster’s key ingredient for dynamic growth is a fungus called Mykos Mycorrhizae, with the addition of an all-natural organic fertilizer. This strain has been living in soils for millions of years but has only recently been made available to home gardeners. Mycorrhizal fungi colonize plant roots, maximizing nutrient and water absorption producing stronger roots with vigorous plants that produce earlier more abundant vegetables and brilliant flowers. Super concentrated organic fertilizer. Use Less Grow More!

1- 10.7 ounce bag of WOW Soluble Seaweed Powder

WOW Soluble Seaweed Powder is extracted from Norwegian seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) and has an analysis of 1-0-4. The extract has been dried and made into a fine powder that is soluble in water. Grow Like a Champion With WOW!   10.7 ounces of powder will make approximately 65 gallons of fertilizer.

Planting Instructions

  • Direct sow or start indoors 2 weeks prior to planting.  Seeds need consistent warmth to germinate, placing them in a windowsill will not generate enough heat and is not recommended. 
  • Choose a sunny location and plant 2 weeks after all danger of frost has passed.
  • Sow 4 seeds per hill with pointed end facing down 6” apart, placed 1” deep. Keep moist but not wet.
  • Outdoor soil temperature must be 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for germination of seeds.
  • Seedlings will sprout in 10-14 days.
  • For best results allow only 1 pumpkin per vine.
  • 120 days till maturity
  • Giant Pumpkin Growing Tips
  • Seed Starting Video
  • Planting your Wallace Whoppers Giant Pumpkin Plant
  • Watering your plant and night time protection

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