WOW Ultimate Germination Station Kit Wallace Organic Wonder

  • Grow Lights Wallace Organic Wonder
  • Germination Station Wallace Organic Wonder
  • Seed Starter Wallace Organic Wonder
  • Plant Labels Wallace Organic Wonder
  • Mycorrhizae Wallace Organic Wonder
  • Seaweed Wallace Organic Wonder
$ 165.00

Everything you need to start and grow your favorite vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs. This kit includes the following: 

Jump Start Germination Station with Heat Mat, Tray 72-Cell Pack, 2" Vented Dome

The Station's plastic vented top means better humidity control for optimum growth, and having everything in one, heatable space leads to healthier growth starts and increased germination success.

Jump Start Grow Light System

The Hydrofarm JSV2 Jump Start Grow Light System is ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants. It grows seedlings faster with 15-20% more lumens and it's super easy to assemble. The *Hydrofarm JSV2* Jump Start Grow Light System has an internal reflective finish which directs more light to the plants and a simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment.

Black Gold Seed Starting Mix 8 - Quart

  This highly refined, organic seedling mix is excellent for root growth for newly germinated seedlings, has low-salt and is fine, yet porous and water-retentive and has an organic wetting agent to ensure uniform water penetration.Contains RESiLIENCE®: May improve resistance to wilting. OMRI Listed®

Plant Stake Labels 6" Pack of 50

Never mix up your seedlings again. Our versatile 6" plant markers help point your way in a garden filled with different kinds of plants and vegetables. You can even use them to track your planting progress, marking when you added certain seedlings and cuttings next to older plants. They're also reusable; write on them with a pencil and then erase and reuse. Each packet contains 50 markers.

Wallace Organic Wonder's Premium Mycorrhizal Inoculant 1- Pound is a super - concentrated organic, single species of Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi containing only Rhizophagus Intraradices.  Why “Endo?”  Because Ecto Mycorrhizae have NO BENEFICIAL effect on any vegetables, fruits, flowers or herbs. Ecto Mycorrhizae are used on Conifers  (cone-bearing) and Oak trees.  Why does Wallace Organic Wonder use only “Single Species Endo Mycorrhizae?" Because single species Rhizophagus Intraradices (Endo Mycorrhizae) outperform all other species in a nutrient and organic environment, eliminating rootzone competition, and are the fastest and most aggressive colonizing mycorrhizae in the world!  Add 1/2 cup per 8 quart bag of Black Gold Seed Starter and watch your roots EXPLODE!

Soluble Seaweed Powder 10.7 Ounces Wallace Organic Wonder 

WOW Seaweed is extracted from Norwegian seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) and has a analysis of 1-0-4. The extract has been dried and made into a fine powder that is soluble in water. Grow Like A Champion With WOW!

10.7 ounces of powder that will make approximately 65 gallons.